Best Hair Straighteners 2017 Feat All Top Brands

Best Hair StraightenersWe invest a lot of time and money for taming our frizzy and unmanageable hair.So its important to invest the smarter way for getting the perfect look you desire but not at a cost of damaging your hair.And am here to help you with it,choose the best hair straighteners for your hair type.

When i wanted to buy a new flat iron,i wasn’t able to find a efficient article that would suggest the right one for my hair type as well has a variety of top well known brands and hence i ended up checking out more than 20 articles.So this is my attempt to help you out of misery and making this article the last stop you land upon.Hope it helps 🙂

===> The Winners : Best Hair Straightener 2017


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Karmin G3 Salon Pro

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GHD Platinum Styler

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Remington S9500 Pearl Range

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Croc Premium Infrared Flatiron

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Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium 1 ¼”

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Here Is The List Of 10 Best Hair Straighteners In All Types Of Budget!

  • Karmin professional G3
  • GHD platinum styler
  • Regminton S9500 pearl range
  • Croc premium infrared
  • Babyliss pro nano titanium 1 ¼ inch
  • CHI original Pro 1
  • Cloud 9 the original iron
  • T3 single pass luxe
  • HSI professional
  • Bio ikonic onepass

Now lets do the best hair straightener reviews.

#1 Karmin G3 Salon Pro

Karmin G3 Salon Pro

Product description:

A very well well known flatiron,loved by the stylists which rises up the game for other competitors in the market. Karmin g3 salon pro is known for its 100% pure tourmaline ceramic plates,durability and the fact that it gives poky straight results at low temperatures also.

It has professional grade heating element for flash quick heating. Comes with an attractive feature of negative ions, infrared heat and ion field technology for silky shiny smooth hairs with sealing in the natural oils.

Temperature settings varies from 120 degree Celsius to 240 degree C and works on all hair types.Has a 3 meter tangle free,360 degree swivel cord.

Drop safe technology takes care of your clumsiness. Worldwide voltage makes it a good option for travelers. Anti slip edges,auto sleep mode after 1 hour,slim handle with a beautiful design,floating plates and wont damage like other straighteners,feels like everything summed up in a single straightener.

So get ready to play along your fun moods straighten,curl,flip and style your hair they way you want.


  • 100% pure ceramic tourmaline plates for even heat distribution and flash quick heating.
  • 3 years warrenty.
  • Nevative ion and infrared heat technology for glossy hair every girl wants while not frying it,obviously!
  • Ion field technology for preventing damage.
  • Good for damaged and colour treated hair as you can get great results on low temperature options.
  • Worldwide voltage,use your styler in any country.
  • Attractive design and available in various colours.
  • Automatic sleep mode.

Points to be considered

  • Karmin is made for extra caring of hair compared to other straighteners its really a very good option for color,chemical treated hair.
  • It works on all types of hair like too curly and works best on fine or normal hair,but with thick and coarse hair type i think there are other good options of flatirons that you should try.
  • This brand has really good reviews from customers and mostly professional stylist, though it is a bit overpriced but its worth it.
  • Other con this flatiron has is that the handle heat sup on its upper part where the plates are, if its used for long periods of time.
  • One last downfall is that the cord is not tangle free even if it claims to be,but surely does have a 360 degree,3 meter long swivel cord.
  • Other than this i find it to be a very effective and a must have iron!
  • Hope this review helps and you figure out what you are looking for 😀

#2 GHD Platinum Styler

GHD Platinum Styler

Product description

All the GHD lovers are pretty excited about this new platinum styler which is an upgrade of the eclipse and has many cool features that we are going to check out.(Fun fact: The long form of GHD is good hair day,hope you have one today :*).

 So this iron has raised expectations of buyers by its intelligent tri zone technology,heat guilt free and the wishbone hinge.

Tri zone technology

The revolutionary tri zone technology helps in having healthier,stronger and shinier hair as you style,basically the iron has 6 intelligent sensors,3 in each plate for even heat distribution no matter how much big chunk of hair you take,giving you the best ever GHD performance.

Heat guilt free

Now heat guilt free as platinum styler promises to reduce hair breakage by over 50% than any other straightener and increase shine by 20%,without compromising on your natural hair color. This is proved by experiments done by GHD scientists,you can get more info about it just some cool stuff to know.Its temperature is set on 230 degree Celsius and does its work in 1 or 2 strokes leaving great results with much healthier hair than any other straightener.

Wishbone hinge

Another great feature is the wishbone hinge,it allows you more control of the plates as you don’t have to style your hair with pressure.The wishbone hinge also ensures your hair wont get caught in the hinges.

Other features

  • Heat resistant protective plate guard is a great help to close the iron plates and keep it in its place right after the use.
  • Heats up in 20 seconds and gives a cute ping sound when its ready.And has a automatic shut off which activates after 30 min of no use.
  • Get outstanding performance wherever in world you are by its universal voltage.
  • Has 2.7m swivel cord for convenient styling.
  • Floating plates with high spec gloss finish and the seductive design with mat finish color. Yes you can tell,am insanely in love with it!


  • The highlights of platinum styler are the tri zone technology,heat guilt free and wishbone hinge
  • Not just conditions your hairs but makes them healthier by reducing brekage and makes them silky and shiny
  • Heats up in 20 seconds
  • Its an great iron for the thick hairtype as well on the too curly ones
  • Beautiful waves and curls can be made in just 1 pass
  • The handle doesnt heats up even after long periods of use due to its aerogel insulation
  • Automatic shut of after 30 min of no use
  • Universal voltage so its travel friendly
  • Very handy
  • A beautiful design i couldnt get my eyes off with my fav white colour in mat finish,and it also available in other colour options.
  • 2 years warranty

Points to be considered

  • Ladies with thick hairs will surely be happy to have discovered this amazing product but i wish they had wider plates in the platinum range.
  • It has only one temperature of 230 degree Celsius with a on and off button,means no freedom of choosing temperatures.
  • Other than this i cant find any other cons,and am so in love with my straightener!

#3 Remington S9500 Pearl Range

Remington S9500 Pearl Range

Product description

It is a product made for salon as well home use so it will work on all types of hairs like coarse,thick as well thin.This collection of straightener,curling wand, 32 mm barrel tong and dry harnesses the precious power of pearl combined with advanced ceramic ultimate to create gorgeously glossy ultra sleek tresses.

It is the hottest regminton iron ever having a variable heat of 150degree C to 235C with a clever digital display and temperature lock so that you can decide which heat level is best for you.

Regminton pearl heats up fast in just 10 seconds and is ready to use and after use it also has a automatic shut off in 60 mins of inactivity.

This straightner has slim 110mm floating plates with regminton advance ceramic ultimate coating with real pearl shimmer.Tests have proven that it has a 95% smoother glide than straightners with standard ceramic coatings and no snagging.

It has 15times more ceramic than conventional coatings which makes it 85% harder.means plates are is good condition  for over 5 years.

3m long swivel cord and world wide voltage are some of the other features.


  • Works on all types of hairs and gives great and glossy results without frying hairs
  • Digital temperature control lets you control the amount of heat on your hairs and you can lock the desired temperature
  • 3m long swivel cord helps iron and cord stay in its place
  • Pearl infused ceramic plates are the highlights of this flatiron
  • Heats up in 10 sec
  • 235C heat can make any type of pokky straight
  • Glossy floating plates that glides smoothly without snapping hairs
  • Worldwide voltage
  • 5 years durability

Points to be considered

  • One hour shutoff,is too long of a time to be called safety feature.
  • It says you can lock the temperature but unfortunately it doesnt stay locked
  • You need to press hard for plates to come together.
  • But its surely a great product at a reasonable price!

#4 Croc Premium Infrared Flatiron

Croc Premium Infrared Flatiron

Product description

This hair straightener has great reviews from the consumers.As it makes your hair super shiny,straight,silky and bouncy.Even after sleeping,next morning you wont need a touch up and many say its making their hair healthier leaving behind the amazing silkiness.

It is the only straightner that combines ceramic,tourmaline,titanium and infrared heat technology.Its like every good thing combined in one iron.

Nano titanium plates generate negative ions that seals in moisture and keeps frizz away,leaving you with soft,shiny and silky hairs you desire.

This amazing iron encourages hair growth,takes care of coloured hair,removes bacteria and odor,prevents damage and dandruff and makes your hair healthy and it happens because of the infrared heat acting upon your scalp and hair cuticle.Never heard of that one before,right?


Crocs patented tri heat technology provide 3 times more smoothing power than other irons available today.2  separate heating elements positioned in top plate to generate 2 times the heat while the bottom plates hosts its own separate heating element.

Other features

  • Professional 1st choice for all keratin treatments
  • 100% titanium plates allowing effortless glide
  • Ceramic heaters provide instant heat recovery
  • Fully digital,18 custom temperature settings from 280F to 450F(you can also switch between F to C mode)
  • 30 min auto shutoff safety feature
  • Worldwide voltage
  • Floating plates
  • Lock function for easy storage
  • Deluxe comfort thumb grip
  • 1 year warrenty


  • All the impressive features are too good to be true,but yes it does what it says!
  • Musthave for the people who have done keratin treatments,coloured them,abused them lol like i have,finally got a healthy option and am loving it
  • Its design makes you use it with so much ease
  • Works for all types of hairs thin,thick,coarse or curly hair
  • Digital temperature control
  • Heats up super fast
  • Pokky straight results at lower temperature options that lasts few days and single pass is enough
  • No frying your hairs
  • Good hair hygiene as infrared heat prevents bacteria and odor and promotes hairgrowth and healthy hairs
  • 30 min auto shutoff

Points to be considered

It might seem costly but its totally worth it and a good investment,i cant find any other cons.Best flatiron one can have!

#5 Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium 1 ¼”

Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium 1 ¼”

Product description

Babyliss pro nano titanium is designed in a way to give you fast and amazing results so if you are a busy women,it is made for you.It has a beautiful sleek design that ensure you comfort while styling.And your hair will be straight after just one pass.

Benefit of having extra long 5 inch plate that reach up-to 450F,allows you straighten wider section of hair and takes less time.

Extra smooth titanium plates allow iron to glide through the hair without pulling.The ultra thin profile makes it exceptionally light weight making it easy to style as well carry it where ever you want.

The ceramic heater generates heat upto 450F ,evenly distributing heat without any hotspots that will damage your hair.

Negative ions will lock in moisture in your hair making it soft and shiny while the far infrared rays will protect your natural hair colour and kill odor as well bacteria from your scalp,leaving you with healthy hairs as well scalp.

You get digital temperature controls ranging from 300F to 450F,that means this iron is suitable for all types of hairs.

You dont need to be cautious with their titanium plates as ryton housing resists high heat.And titanium is strong,lightweight as well durable and resists corrosion.

It is also available is wider plates but this sleek one will help you curl also.


  • Its a big time saver as the long plates can handle big chunks of hair and its sleek design,being lightweight helps you style your hair with great comfort
  • Pokky straight hair in just single pass with ease
  • Suitable for all types of hairs
  • 5 Digital temperature control setting ranging from 300F to 450F,i like to stick with lower temperatures
  • No snagging or snapping hairs
  • Heats up very fast and you are good to go.also resists high heat that can damage your hair if you are not too cautious.
  • Pretty shiny blue colour and attractive design
  • Negative ions help condition your hair making them really soft
  • Infrared heat keeps my scalp clean and healthy
  • Swivel cord
  • Durability

Points to be considered

  • It heats up in 15 seconds but doesn’t let you know that its ready.
  • Babyliss cheap models are not that effective compared to other same priced but the top models are really good and pro nano titanium is one of the effective one.
  • Being a really effective flatiron,am really loving it!

#6 Chi Original Pro 1

Chi Original Pro 1

Chi is known for its pure ceramic plates.This one is made of NASA grade ceramic with added benefits or tourmaline.Combination of ceramic tourmaline does wonders making it distribute heat evenly and generating of exceptionally high amount of negative ions and far infrared rays.

Negative ions and infrared heat

 Negative ions will seal in moisture and natural oils making your hair smooth,glossy and will kick out frizz.

Infrared heat will prevent odor,dandruff,bacteria from your scalp,maintains your natural hair colour and promote hair growth making them super clean and healthy.Many customers even say that it has improved their hair texture.

 Now you can straighten,smooth,curl,wave,spiral,flip,bend according to your moods.Making all the red carpet hairstyles.

Generates heat upto 392F and holds this heat throughtout styling.Suits all types of hairs thick,coarse,thin and will add a bounce to it

For convenient use you will have swivel cord.

You will get a adaptor inside the package for using it with different types of voltage

Floating plates smoothing glides down your hair without any pulling or snagging.


  • Heats up quickly upto 392F and evenly distributes heat
  • Not only conditions but also makes hair healthy,prevents bacteria and odor and thats the magic of negative ions and infrared heat rays.
  • Maintains hair colour and improves texture.
  • Floating plates help in smooth gliding without any pulling of hair
  • Gives amazing results and not just straightens but also styles it the way you want
  • Comes with swivel cord
  • 2 year warrenty

Points To Be Considered

  • I find it to be reasonable priced considering the features and am sure you will love it!
  • There are some cons,it doesn’t have temperature controls as chi promises to reach appropriate temperature to straighten hair and not burn them.But i feel it those who have fine hair doesn’t need that high of a temperature.
  • Instead of worldwide voltage you will get a adaptor that will manage some voltages
  • Another con of CHI is that they dont have the safety feature c alled auto shut off that most brands of same price range have.
  • Well buying a straightner is personal choice and those with thick hair type are happy having it.

#7 Cloud 9 The Original Iron

Cloud 9 The Original Iron

Product description

When you hold cloud 9 iron,you will know that you are holding a high quality product.I read somewhere that the founder of cloud 9 was a partner of the GHD team and due to some disputes they got separated and one of them knew he can make a better quality brand than GHD and then Cloud 9 came into existance.

It comes in a beautifully designed box,which contains a heat protective guard,heat resistant bag,paddle brush and crocodile clips.The innovative temperature control feature of this multi award winning iron allows you to choose from five different temperatures for optimum performance on all hair types.

Temperature control

With a total of five temperature control options, you will be able to set the iron from 100C to 200C so you can choose the heat that’s best suited for your hairs.

Heat up time

The original iron takes 20 seconds to reach maximum temperature,making it heat up incredibly fast.


Mineral infused ceramic plates allows you to achieve incredible styling results at much lower temperatures.And floating plates helps in smooth gliding.

Internatinal voltage

It features international voltage meaning it will adjust itself to varying power source ranging from 100v to 240v,50Hz ac.And the plug features an european plug which is concealed inside the UK plug.That means you can take this iron with you,whereever you go.

Straighteners that think!

Cloud nine iron is eqipped with MICOM controlled heating system.This iron actually thinks for themselves adjusting temperatures according to the thermal sensors calculations and distributes heat evenly.


  • It is brand which is famous for its quality products.Does what it says
  • Mineral infused creamic plates gives incredible results even at lower temperatures
  • MICOM feature helps this straightner to think about the heat and controls temperature as well distributes heat evenly
  • Heats up in 20 sec and you are good to go
  • Glides smoothly without any snapping or snagging
  • 5 different temperature controls ranging from 100C to 200C
  • Worldwide voltage

Points To Be Considered

Its price is an con but if you are someone whose main preferance is quality then its worth having,other that this i cannot find any other con.

#8 T3 Singlepass Luxe

T3 Singlepass Luxe

I heard about this styler from 2 of my favorite youtube beauty gurus.And it is also a choice of celebrity hair stylists and reviews from people also confirm that this is the luxury product that you need to have.It not only straightens but also curls,creates beautiful waves,flips and adds a bounce to your hairs.You dont need to have a curling wand and different styling products,T3 single pass luxe is enough to do all of it and that makes it a beauty asset worth having.


Its ceramic tourmaline plates generates plenty of negative ions that seals in moisture and natural oils,leaving you with really smooth,shiny,frizz free,silky finish.While STYLE EDGE design features flexible beveled plates and a contoured body that glides smoothly,creating versatile styles from sleek looks to soft waves and curls.

Suitable for all hair types

Those with fine hairs will find it most effective iron as it will give you the desired look at lower temperatures and adds volume to your hair! And those with thick or coarse hair,people are going to get so jealous on you after you style them.

Single pass technology

Its called T3 single pass luxe for a reason.This iron is enhanced with the intelligent digital technology to work in one pass.An internal microchip controls temperature fluctuation ensuring even,optimal heat.It is the start to beautiful finish.


Being lightweight it helps you to style with ease and it speeds up the process of styling.

Other features

  • It has five adjustable heat settings ranging from 260F to 410F which is enough to get the desired result.
  • Auto world voltage helps you use it anywhere in the world.
  • Has an long cord of 9ft which is longer than other straightners and after using it you will realise the comfort.
  • Includes 2 sectioning clips and heat resistant mat.
  • 1 hour shutoff safety feature available
  • 2 years warrenty


  • Straightens your hair in single pass without exposing it to high heat or frying and is intelligent enough to adjust temperatures.And these professionally done salon like results do last few days.
  • Stylish design which you cant get your eyes off
  • Suitable for all types of hairs and works not only as straightner but also as curling tool,2 in 1.
  • Voluminises your hair
  • Digital temperature control with five adjustable heat settings and heats upto 410F
  • Starts heating up very fast
  • Auto shut off after 1 hour of inactivity
  • Glides smoothly without any snapping or snagging
  • Negative ions makes hair smooth and shiny and keeps frizz out.
  • 2 year warrenty
  • Being lightweight it speeds up the process and makes you style with ease
  • 9ft long swivel cord is a great comfort and help.
  • Auto world voltage

Points to be considered

  • Doesn’t has the attractive feature like far infrared ray which i would expect at this price
  • People feel its pricey but if you consider its a styler and it works as a straightener, curling wand and other tools in one, with a 2 year warranty,also without using voluminous spray,it brings a bounce to your hair then i feel its a good investment for a high quality product.

#9 HSI professional

HSI professional

Product description

Here is the flatiron that has thousands of good reviews on amazon with people highly recommending you to have it asap.Having all the features a straightener should have it will only cost you under 50$.

 It has 1 inch solid ceramic tourmaline plates that glides smoothly and generates negative ions that will seal in the moisture making it smooth and shiny and frizz free.Its infrared heat technology promotes hair growth,keeps your sclap clean from odor and bacteria,basically makes your hair healthy.

Straightens all types of hair from thin to coarse and also you can style them flip and curl

 Adjustable heat settings ranging from 240F to 400F can straighten any type of hair.

It heats up in record time.You won’t have to wait for the heat up time with this hair straightener because it’s made to get to the correct temperature in record time. It also offers a whole range of temperature settings, so no matter what type of hair you have it’s possible to get the desired results. In fact, there are lots of people with more coarse hair who are reporting a really good straightening style with it.

 The HSI comes with several additions,something you don’t tend to find with other models. You get a travel bag as well as a glove so you can avoid burning your hand and includes argan oil leavein hair treatmeant.

360 degree swivel cord helps in not getting tangled with the straightner

Worldwide dual voltage makes it travel friendly

Never knew a straightner under 50$ could do all that!


  • Straightens hair really good,these amazing results make people recommend it,you dont believe me? Check amazon reviews yourself,lots of people showing results on their hairtypes
  • Negative ions makes hair soft and really shiny
  • Heats up quickly
  • Infrared heat prevents odor and bacteria
  • Adjustable temperature settings ranging from 240F to 400F
  • Extra stuff you get with it like glove,travel bag and argan oil
  • 360 degree swivel cord
  • Worldwide dual voltage

Points to be considered

  • Here are some cons this product has
  • It does not have safety feature like autoshut off that i would always look for in a flatiron
  • It has hotspots,means it heats up in some areas and doesnt in some so if you take a chuck of hairs the half of it will straighten and other half wont and you will have to do it again.But once you know your flatiron completely, you will be able to handle it.
  • Its design is not that attractive
  • Works best on fine hairs but with thick hairs this temperature wont be enough to get pokky straight hairs
  • Overall its a really good flatiron considering at this cheap rate you get all these amazing features that a expensive flatiron has..Its the best iron you could get at under 50$ budget.And is Totally worth buying!

#10 BIO IKONIC One Pass Straightener

BIO IKONIC One Pass Straightener

Product description

I love the straighteners that say does its work in one pass and actually does what they promise.It saves your time up-to 15 mins and this will be really helpful if you are someone who gets late a lot of times just like me or someone who doesn’t like to waste much time in getting ready.

Its known as the fastest iron as it has silicone on the plates that help it go smoothly and faster through hair without catching (like a lot of irons do).Ceramic silicone plates makes it grabby and you can style with ease.

Heats up incredibly fast

NanoIonic Mineral Cushion Plates technology thats makes sure the iron will only need 5 seconds to heat up and you are good to go.Imagine how much time it saves by being onepass and a low heat up time and gives you the sleek look you want or curls.

Negative ions,infrared heat technology and tri strip technology

The plates on this have a TM mineral covering and plenty of negative ions which trap in the moisture and natural oils and gives you smooth and shiny hairs while conditioning it. Nano Ionic mineral hydrates dry, damaged hair. Smooths fly-away and controls frizz. Creates brilliance and shine.

Infrared heat technology can be blamed to make you hairs really healthy as it prevents odor and bacteria from the scalp and promotes hair now dont only condition your hair but also get a much healthier hairs and scalp

The new tri strip technology is known for getting 3 times more smoother results

So its everything good and nothing bad.

Size Options

Another cool thing about this flat iron is it comes in two sizes. If you have longer hair and you won’t be doing a whole lot of curling you’ll do well with the 1.5 inch version. The standard option is 1 inch which you should go with if you like to be able to curl and add volume, and I feel this size gives more control but that’s really a matter of preference

Heat settings

This iron heats up-to 400F within no time,has adjustable temperature controls and you can pause the temperature you prefer.You should always opt for a lower temperature as too much heat in not good for your hair in the long run.Being said that it doesn’t fry your hair at topmost temperature and also gives really good results on lower temperatures too.

Silicone plates

Silicone plates help in smooth gliding of the iron without any tugging.And provides faster straightening and increased shine.


  • Heats up in 5 seconds and does the work super fast
  • One pass is enough to get the sleek look you want and you can also curl your hair with it
  • Doesnot have hotspots,distributes heat evenly
  • Cool features that benefit your hair like ™ mineral covering,nanoionic,neagative ions,tri step and infrared heat technology
  • Size option and suitable for all hair types
  • Heats upto 400F and doesnot fry your hair
  • Smooth gliding due to silicone plates,makes process faster
  • Floating plates
  • 360 degree extra long swivel cord

Points to be considered

I cant find any cons in this amazing flatiron and want you to consider having it,as it rarely happens when you find everything good and nothing bad!

Which Flatiron Your Hair Type Needs?

Lets know the difference between tourmaline,titanium and ceramic plates and find out what works best for you.

Tourmaline ceramic

Its the gold standard of straightening irons.Tourmaline ceramic elevates the standard ceramic plates.Basically tourmaline is first crushed into a thin powder and infused in ceramic plates.It aids in smoothening process by locking moisture 20 times more than any other straightener plate.

Tourmaline generates extra negative ions and conditions hair making it smoother and protects hair by sealing the hairs natural oils.It also generates infrared heat which makes hair smooth silky and shiny and ensures no frowziness. Also the chances of snagging or snapping hair while using this straightener are very less.

Hair type:

  • Thin to coarse hair
  • Normal to damaged hair


Titanium flat irons heats faster,means you get fast and good result,no matter the hair condition.Titanium straighteners are the durable ones.They offer even heat distribution meaning fewer passes over your hair.

Like tourmaline,titanium relies on infrared heat and negative ion technology to enhance your hair hydration and shine.In various other aspects also its similar to tourmaline.

Its top choice for professional hair stylists as it gives best result on all types of hairs.

But be careful while using this straightener as it can reach extremely high temperature. So ensure having heat controller buttons and pause the temperature you want.

Hair type:

  • Thick to coarse hair
  • All types of hair


Ceramic glides through hair without pulling them.It heats up quickly and evenly.These plates make the most decent hair straightener. CHI has the best ceramic hair straighteners. And some other good brands that use pure ceramic give great results.

While ceramic wont give you superior results like tourmaline or titanium,it is good value for money.

And its really popular in market as users don’t have to be that cautious while using it unlike titanium and is cheap option among others.Good for beginners and people who don’t expect much from a straightener.

Hair type:

  • Thin to thick hair type
  • Normal to moderately damaged hair

Thats enough science for a day!LOL

And yes,never ever straighten your hairs without using a good heat protectant.Styling and care can go together if you take a educated decision.