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GHD Platinum Styler

When looking for what to choose best to style your hair from many hair stylers available in the market, one normally gets confused. The main aim of a girl is to style their hair so efficiently to give them the best look without damaging the hair. But how to choose one always becomes difficult. As experiment is directly done on your hair. So people think to go to the parlour and get hair done. But what for the ones who regularly style their hair? Is it possible to spend so much every day and get hair done? What if easily at home one can get their hair done without any trouble? Yes you read that right. There are products available in the market which is into the industry since a very long time giving every girl the ability to style their hair according to their mood without damaging their hair but giving silky and shiny look after every use. We are talking about the GDH Platinum Styler.

GHD Platinum Styler

GDH first launched their original hair straighteners in 2001. Later every year they kept on revolutionising on their product to offer better product to its customers by carrying out research on the same field. After a long journey they have showcased their best talent by coming out with the launch of Platinum styler. This flat iron allows luxury styling without damage in the long term, leaves hair sleeker, stronger, healthier and shinier. Due to this anyone can style their hair sitting at home in a luxurious way.

Their new Platinum version has been designed and tested by scientist at the GHD’S purpose build development and research facility in Cambridge. This is also their base research centre where they have been testing the models for years. According to the main hair stylist Jayne Wild, the new version has got all in one technology and proves to be the best styler in the market today. This further includes shock testing by dropping. Also due to the independent research from Princeton University, this iron proves to give 20 per cent shinier hair without any harmful effects. The iron can curl, straighten add volume and much more without damaging the hair locks. It comes in matte black or white colour. So you can choose according to their liking. The iron comes with a booklet helping the customers on how they can use the same.

Features of GHD Platinum Styler :

  1. Gets heated in just twenty seconds
  2. The iron comes with heat resistant protective plate guard
  3. Intelligent tri zone technology has been used to make the master piece
  4. 2.7 m swirl code has been used for convenient styling
  5. The iron shuts off automatically after being idle for thirty minutes
  6. Wishbone hinge is used for the appropriate plate alignment
  7. Universal voltage. Hence the iron can be used in any part of the world
  8. Outer body has aerogel insulation so the handling is considered as the coolest till date
  9. Precision milled, advanced, floating plates has got high spec gloss finish
  10. Can be used in minimal temperature for thin hair without defecting them
  11. The manufacture provides 2 years warranty for any defect

Being one of the oldest manufactures in the field of hair straightener, it is very reliable and without any hesitation one can order iron online. The company gives free home delivery. The six sense intelligent in all the plate helps in removing all the sudden surge or drop of temperature! Both of this can be determined to hair health and styling result. This helps to remove the dryness and can give shiny look to the hair naturally. As the iron is easily available on major online stores, the booking for the same has been made easy for all. So book it as soon as possible to sit at home and comfortably style you hair without spending for the same service at costly parlours.